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Upper Body Exercises


Exercise Name Target Description Visual
Push-ups Chest & Triceps

(See Push-up Page)

Chin-ups Back & Biceps

(See Chin-up Page)

Bench Dips Triceps

Starting with your feet on a bench or chair, and your palms on another bench or chair, lower your butt down and press back to starting position.

Tricep Blast Triceps Starting in the down position as shown, extend your arms while keeping your feet in place.  Starting position can be adjusted as you become more accustomed to the exercise.  The lower the starting position (ie. chair seat rather than chair back) the more difficult the exercise becomes.
Chair Dips Triceps  
Plate Climber Abs, Shoulders  
Shoulder Pike Press (on ball) Deltoids, Triceps  
Draw Sword Deltoids  
Lat Pulldown Back  
Lever Press Shoulders  
Preacher Curl Biceps  
Tricep Pressdown Triceps  

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