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Legs & Glutes Exercises


Exercise Name Target Description Visual

1 Leg Split Squat

quadriceps & gluteus Starting in the up position, with your back leg on a chair or bench. Working leg should be forward enough so that your knee does not go past your toes in the down position.  Lower your non working knee towards the floor and then press back up.  Variations include adding weights to your hands for added resistance, supporting your non-working leg on a stability ball for more emphasis on core, or any combination of both.  When using the stability ball, start with the top of your foot on the ball and roll the ball backwards on the downward motion of the exercise.

Body Weight Squat

quadriceps & gluteus Starting in standing position, squat all the way down pointing both arms forward (1), return to standing
position (2)

Alternating Lunge

quadriceps & gluteus Starting in standing postion, take a deep step, almost touching one knee (1), come back to starting position (2), take a deep step with the other leg (3), back to starting position (4).  Keep your forward knee from going past your toes on the step.

1 Legged Chair Squat

quadriceps, gluteus, hamstrings Starting position standing on one leg on a chair or bench.  Lower your other leg to the floor and barely touch with your toes before pressing back up to the starting position.  Repeat for an entire set with one leg before switching to the other leg.

Step Up

quadriceps, gluteus, hamstrings Preparation
Starting Position standing 1 foot to 18 inches away from a step (12-18 inches high).

Step up with your right leg, then up with your left leg, then down with your right leg, then down with your left leg.  Up-up-down-down.  Alternate your "lead leg" every 5 repetitions.

Calf Raises
(no weight)

calves Position toes and balls of feet on calf block with arches and heels extending off.  Hold onto a stationary object for for balance. 
Raise heels by extending ankles as high as possible. Lower heels by bending ankles until calves are stretched. Repeat.

Glute Raise gluteus Starting on all 4's, raise one foot
up towards the ceiling (1),
back to starting position (2),
repeat for desired reps before switching to other leg.



Starting on all 4's, raise one foot
up towards the ceiling (1),
back to starting position (2),
other leg to the ceiling (3),
back to starting position (4)

Speed Skater

gluteus Stand in front of a 12 to 18 inch
box or bench.
Plant your right foot on the box,
extend arms for balance,
maintain the 90-degree bend in your right leg, pull your left leg up and touch your toes on the step, immediately extend your left leg back down, touching your toe to the floor before repeating.  Complete desired reps before switching legs.

1 Legged Deadlift

  Starting position standing with legs shoulder-width apart and knees slightly bent, then raise one leg off the ground behind you.  Slowly lower your body until your working thigh is parallel with the floor.  Your up leg should raise as a counter balance as you bend forward at the torso.  Pause then push back up.

1 Legged Squat


Swiss Ball Hip Raise and Curl


Drop and Reach

Plyo Side Hop
Hip Raise    
Plyo Broad Jump    
Hop-over Burpee    
Lateral Lunge    
Glute Raise and Twist on Ball    
Step and Knee Raise    

Ultimate Leg Circuit


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