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So my first real exposure to resistance bands came when I decided to get into personal training.  I always considered resistance bands to be more of a "girly exercise".  I picked up a set of bands and a book (Strength Band Training) with over 100 exercises that can be used with resistance bands.  Of course, I grabbed the band with the most resistance and decided to walk through a few of the exercises.  I found out relatively quickly just how difficult some of these exercises can be.  I'll tell you, I now have more of an appreciation for these functional yet portable fitness tools.

Resistance bands (sometimes called yoga bands) have realized a new found popularity recently.  The are used by physical therapists for many rehabilitation exercises that cannot easily be accomplished otherwise.  Most recently, resistance bands have been used by athletes for functional training exercises to work on everything from hitting power in baseball, to indoor sprinting resistance for acceleration starts.

Although there are many exercises that can be performed using resistance bands, I have listed a few basic ones below that can be performed just about anywhere.  Keep this in mind when you are packing light for a vacation or traveling for work.  Aside from bodyweight exercises, these exercises are among the least expensive (in terms of equipment).

Resistance band training

Upper Body

Chest Press
Band Resisted Push-up
Seated Row

Bicep Curl
Military Press
Tricep Extension
Lateral Flys

Lower Body

Band Squat
Calf Raise



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