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Flexibility Training - Shoulders

(hold all stretches for 10 seconds)


Rotator Cuff

Rotator Cuff / Extensors

Pull right arm down with left hand until stretch is felt.  Repeat with other side.

Bring right hand behind head and down as far as possible.  Reach up with left hand, palm facing out, and grasp right hand.  May use belt or rope as a beginner aid to help work hands closer together.  Repeat with other side.

Posterior Deltoids / Rhomboids


Pull arm across chest until stretch is felt.  Repeat with other arm.

From kneeling position, slide arms forward while pushing buttocks toward floor.


ROM: Flexion

With fingers interlaced behind back, straighten arms and turn elbows in until stretch is felt.

Bring stick or bar directly over head, leading with right side.  Reach back until stretch is felt.

ROM: External Rotation


Keep palm of right hand against door frame and elbow bent at 90 degrees.  Turn body from fixed hand until stretch is felt.



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