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Flexibility Training - H
ip Oblique
(hold all stretches for 10 seconds)


External Rotators

External Rotators

From a sitting position, move both feet to one side as shown until a stretch is felt.  Repeat to the other side.

Keeping shoulders flat on floor, pull leg toward floor until stretch is felt.  Repeat with other leg.

External Rotators

Internal Rotators

Keeping head, neck and back flat, bring right leg over left.  Use right leg to pull left leg to floor until stretch is felt.  Repeat with left leg over right.

Gently pull foot and knee toward shoulder, rotating at hip.  Repeat with other leg.


Iliotibial Band / Abductors

From starting position, bend the body to the side as far as possible until stretch is felt.  Repeat to other side.

Cross left leg over right leg.  Bend left knee slightly. Lean to left until stretch is felt over outside of right hip.  Repeat to other side, with right leg over left.

External Rotators


Clasp hands around knee and gently press it toward opposite shoulder.  Feel stretch in buttocks and outside of the hip.  Repeat with other leg



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