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Flexibility Training - Hamstrings

(hold all stretches for 10 seconds)


Knee to Chest

Pull Back Toes, Single Leg

Gently pull knee to chest until stretch is felt.  Repeat with other knee.

With towel or belt around foot, pull toes toward knee until stretch is felt.  If you are more flexible, use hand to pull toes.  Repeat with other leg.

Head to Knee

Pull Back Toes, Double Leg

With hands on ankle, pull head toward knee and hold.  Repeat with other leg.

With hands on toes, pull forward and bend head toward knees until stretch is felt.  For more stretch, put hands on ankles.

Forward Bend

Side Bend

With feet shoulder-width apart and pointing straight forward, and with knees bent, lower hands toward floor until stretch is felt.  Bend knees further to return to standing position.

With feet apart, pull head toward knee until stretch is felt.  Repeat toward other knee.



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