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Flexibility Training - Arms

(hold all stretches for 10 seconds)




With arms straight and fingers interlaced, raise arms until stretch is felt.

With right arm resting comfortably on table behind, apply gentle force down and slightly forward through shoulder.


Wrist / Flexors / Biceps

Stand holding stick or bar behind back.  Raise arms as far as possible.

With palms flat and fingers pointing backward, slowly lean back until stretch is felt.

Wrist / Flexors

Wrist / Flexors

Stretch arm out in front with elbow straight and palm facing away.  With other hand, pull fingers backward until a stretch is felt over inside of forearm.

With fingers interlaced and palms out, straighten arms in front of you until stretch is felt.



Pull elbow behind head until stretch is felt.  Repeat with other elbow.





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