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Waist to Hip Ratio







Waist to Hip Ratio

Population Average



Take circumference measurements in either centimeters or inches. Waist circumference is measured around the narrowest point between ribs and hips when viewed from the front after exhaling. Hip circumference is measured at the point where the buttocks is maximumally extended, when viewed from the side.

Enter information in left column; select appropriate gender and score and rating criteria. Age is not necessary for "Absolute" criteria. Click "Calculate". Evaluates adults (18 and older) risk of coronary artery disease and diabetes.

Bray GA & Gray DS (1988) Obesity, Part I - Pathogenis, Western Journal of Medicine. 149; 429-441.

Welborn TA, Dhaliwal SS, & Bennett SA (2003). Waist–hip ratio is the dominant risk factor predicting cardiovascular death in Australia. The Medical Journal of Australia; 179 (11/12): 580-585.

YMCA of the USA (2000), YMCA Fitness Testing and Assessment Manual, 4th Edition.




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