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Sit & Reach Test





Population Average



Enter information in left column; select appropriate menus. Click "Calculate". Evaluate hamstrings and lower back flexibility for adults.

After a brief warmup the subject sits on floor with shoes off. Subject places bottom of feet (10 to 12 inches apart) against side of box (approximately 12" or 30 cm high) with knees straight. Tester places measuring stick on box parallel to subjects legs; 15" or 38 cm at edge of box closest to subject and end of measuring stick ("0") toward subject. Subject places hand over hand and reaches as far as possible over measuring stick without bending knees. Best of three tries is recorded.

Golding LA, Myers CR, Sinning WE (eds): The Y's Way to Physical Fitness. Rosemont, IL: YMCA of the USA, 1982.

The quality of the stretch should also be examinined for smoothness of spinal curve and the angle of hip (near 90 or more).




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