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  Make your own Shin Blaster

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I started messing around with this idea after reading more about muscle balance and how it effects your joints with risk of injury and stability.  There is a product on the market called a DARD (Dynamic Axial Resistance Device) which I have seen for sale at Power-Systems for almost $80.  Not being able to break my habit of saying "I can make that" I set out to create something similar that wouldn't cost as much.  So after experimenting with different pipe sizes and lengths, here's what I came up with.  I used 3/4" pipe which fits through most standard weight plates pretty well and cut some padding from a pool noodle which works very well and fits snug over the 3/4" pipe.  The total cost of this little device came in just over $20 (those pipe fittings aren't that cheap) which is still a quarter of the price of the alternative.  The weight can easily be adjusted based upon your leg strength and I can definitely feel my shin muscles working when performing the exercise.


So here's what you need:

  • 3/4" threaded plumbing pipe
       4: T-fittings
       3: end caps
       1: 8" length
       2: 4" length
       4: 6" length
       1: 1.5" length (shortest connector)

  • pool noodle



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