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  Make your own Rock Hold Board

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We have a Rock Gym not too far from my house and my daughter and I will shoot over there on a weekend and get in a quick 3 climbs a piece.  Indoor rock gyms are awesome, rain or shine!  Climbing develops your forearms, shoulders, hands, neck, upper back and much more. Your entire body, including cardiovascular and muscular systems, benefits from rock climbing.

Climbing is a dynamic muscle exercise, meaning your muscles are exercised because they are flexed for extremely long periods of time. This requires more blood to be pumped to them than the short repetitions used when lifting weights, which in turn causes your heart to work much harder to keep blood flowing. Your breathing rate increases to maintain oxygen levels in your blood.

If you have a low tolerance to cardiovascular activity, be sure to start slowly and work your way up. For example, you may want to start with five minutes of rock climbing, and add an additional five minutes each week until you are climbing for 30 minutes. Research by the American Medical Association has found that this amount of time is optimal in order to achieve the greatest cardiovascular health benefits.  In addition, rock climbing at a moderate intensity for around one hour will burn around 400 calories.

Although most of you are aware that I am big into the whole "Do-It-Yourself" thing... there's no way that I have the space (or the permission) to build a rock climbing wall on the side of my house!  So here's what I did...


No... it's not a full wall... so I can't get in the full climbing experience with the leg work and all.  However, the rock holds do make for a great chin-up variation!  I also like to start hanging at one end of the board and walk my hands from hold to hold to the other side and back.  It's a great back/bi/hands/forearms burner!


This is a pretty cheap setup too... you can pick up a set of the rock holds off of eBay starting for about $25.   


I mounted the rock holds to a 2 x 12 board and lag bolted the board into a floor joist in the basement.  Placement of the holds are certainly up to you, but I preferred to stagger them to allow for various grip options and route variations.

So if you like climbing... if you're looking for some different chin up options...or if you just like building whacky workout stuff in your home gym... give this contraption a shot.  Very easy to make.  Just make sure that you have someone help you hold the board up when you're mounting it. J




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