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  Make an Outdoor Multi-Tower

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For those of you that haven't been keeping up with the newsletters or Facebook group, our outdoor warrior workout club has been a blast.  We've had a few dozen people in and out over the spring and summer and a bunch that have become true veterans.  There's something about flipping tires, pushing sleds, sandbags, ropes, kettlebells, and the other toys that get the adrenaline pumping and make you feel like you've accomplished something!

I'm always looking to shake things up at these workouts and throw some new tools at the participants.  I've been thinking about making this outdoor exercise station for a few years now, so I finally decided to just go ahead and do it.  I tried to keep the standard chin and dip tower in mind when designing it, but I also wanted some versatility to perform as many exercises as possible on it since I was going through all the trouble of making it!

The design is pretty simple really.  My main focus was stability and versatility.  I got a pair of 12 foot 4x4s and a pair of 8 foot 4x4s that I buried about 2.5 feet in the ground with pea gravel.  I made some cross pieces out of 2x4s for stability and used some decking straps and screws to attach them.  I drilled 1.5 inch holes at various levels to allow me to thread 1 inch pipes at different locations, depending on the exercise that I'm doing.  I also added a few eye hooks for some rope work.

So as shown in the slide show above, I have used this multi-tower for chin-ups, dips, battling ropes, suspension training, lever rope climbs, inverted rows, and tricep blasts.  I'm planning to add some additional eye hooks up top with spring clips to allow for some more chin and suspension versatility, as well as my ab straps... but this has proven to be a good start J

Material total came in at just under $100 for this little project, with the 4 foot pipes accounting for just over $20 of it.  Not too bad when you consider the additional exercises that I'm able to add to my outdoor boot camps now.  Come join us one of these weekends and see for yourself J





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