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  Make your own "Jug" Bells

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I recently had a client come to me that didn't have a lot of money to spend, didn't have access to a gym, but really wanted to get back into weight training at home.  Well, if you've been reading my newsletter for a while, or checked out my website, that's right up my ally! 

The program that I put together for her included a circuit of bodyweight exercises, mixed in with dumbbell/kettlebell type exercises.  I didn't expect her to go out and pick up a bunch of dumbbells or kettlebells, but I did want her to understand how important the function of the equipment is, as opposed to the price. 

So when my client showed up for her first workout, here is one of the dumbbells that I had her workout with..

What?  Cheezy?  Hey, 15 lbs is still 15 lbs!  You don't have to spend a lot of cash if you don't have a lot of cash.  Just take a simple gallon jug like this one, add some pea gravel, sand, and/or water, and you have a homemade "jug bell".  I also recommend a little duct tape to secure the cap to the jug... especially if you are using water.  I like the Tropicana 1 gallon jug... it is sturdy enough with a nice grip, but I'm sure that you can find some alternatives that work for you.

Here are a few exercise examples to try out with your jug bell...

Jug Bell Swings

Tricep Kickbacks

1 Arm Rows

Of course, 2 jug bells are better than one if you'd like to add some lateral raises, hammer curls, rear delts, or plenty of other 2 handed exercises.

So in conclusion, feel free to spend the money if you have it, but don't let the cost of equipment be among the list of your excuses for why you can't start TODAY! J




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