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The other day I want to Home Depot (the birthplace of most of my equipment) and picked up a 4" garage door pulley.  I little bit of rope with some PVC pipe for handles and I got myself a new piece of equipment.  You basically lift your feet off the floor and alternate one arm down, one arm up... I barely got 8 reps to each side and definitely felt the back and bi workout.  You could leave your feet on the ground and lean back if your full bodyweight is too challenging for your level of fitness.  I also lowered the strap to do the same motion in an inverted plank position to work more of the middle back (row).  The pulley portion can be hung directly from a clip and eye-hook set-up, but I like using a lashing strap so that you can adjust the height, as well as hang it from any cross-bar or tree branch.

If you don't want to be bothered doing the assembly portion of this thing, I'll send you one that's ready to hang.  Cost is about $10 plus s/h and I'll get some numbers on the s/h shortly.  I'm looking for some testimonials so that I can determine the interest level.  Let me know what you think... (give Pete feedback)


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